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All KATERINA PIMENIDU Jewellery is 100% handmade.

Please note that handmade products and sizes can sometimes slightly vary.

Ring Size

The rings are available in all sizes below.

KATERINA PIMENIDU Jewellery uses standard European ring sizes:

Size Guide.png

Please note that the thicker the ring, the tighter the fit, so if you choose a ring with a deep bandwidth (like my round and keshi pearl rings), you will likely need to go one size up.

The best time of day to measure is in the evening when your fingers are largest. Avoid measuring when you’re cold or early in the morning, as fingers are at least half a size smaller.


Necklace Size

necklace size.png

CHOKER: it should fit tightly around your neck and the length is normally between 32 and 36cm.

COLLAR: it sits a little bit lower, on the collarbone and it is 40cm long.

PRINCESS: it is the everyday necklace with a length of 45cm. 

MATINEE: it is a chest necklace with a length that varies between 60 and 65cm. The size of your chest is the main determing factor.

OPERA: Opera necklace is normally between 75 and 90cm long and sits on the breastbone depending on the size of your talle. All my opera necklaces are 80cm long so they sit nicely on most bodies. 

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