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engagement ring
Tourmaline Necklace

From one of a kind engangement rings, to timeless pieces and special personal gifts, I can design and create for you, unique jewellery with the signature of KATERINA PIMENIDU Jewellery.

Together, we can create any piece, especially tailor-made for you and on the material of your preference (silver, gold, platinum). My team and I can also offer you a wide range of precious / semi-precious stones and high quality pearls to choose from. Do you already have a stone? Then I will be glad to design for you the personalized piece that will bring your gemstone to life!

My studio is located in the Netherlands but in case you don't live close or you prefer the safety of your home, we can arrange an online design consultation appointments.

If you would like to know more just fill in the form and I will come back to you shortly.

'Let your personalized design journey begin'.

Thank you!

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