Cook Island keshi pearl brooch from the "Return to the Fold" collection.


“Return to the Fold” is a comeback collection after a long lasting maternity absence. It is a collection that celebrates the comeback of both architecture and jewellery design in my everyday life. It also came as an inner need for further experimenting with keshi pearls in an effort to create unconventional and contemporary keshi pearl jewellery.

*IMPORTANT: The pearls you see in the pictures are already sold. The piece I will deliver will hold a different, unique, Cook Island keshi pearl. In case you wish to see the pearl before the ring is shipped please leave a note during checkout or email me at


  • MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver
    COLOUR: Rhodium plated / Gold plated
    FINISHING: Scratched effect
    PEARL: Cook Island Keshi 

    Please read the product care information when ordering